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Hunstad Homes is one of the most experienced and professional home builders on the Central Coast.


Kevin Hunstad, president of Hunstad Homes Inc, has over 30 years of building experience and approximately 300 homes built. In 2018, Kevin was joined at Hunstad Homes by his son-in-law, Robbie Melero, to help carry on the years of dedication to clients and their home building dreams.


It is because of this continued dedication and experience that the success of Hunstad Homes has been based of referrals and repeat clients. Hunstad's experience expands to building all types and styles of homes, and has experience with budgets of all sizes. Whether you have already began the design process or would like to start taking a look at one of our pre-designed homes, we look forward to the opportunity to sit down and talk to you about your vision.


The reputation of quality construction that Hunstad Homes is known for, came about because of our ability to stand behind all aspect of our work. Many of the subcontractors that Hunstad Homes work with have been with us throughout our careers as homebuilders and they share our desire to achieve quality and customer satisfaction.


Hunstad Homes is truly a family and community based business. Hunstad's daughters, Kristin and Cayse of Hunstad Realty (, work closely with us and our clients throughout the real estate journey. 


As your house building process begins, let the years of experience and knowledge Hunstad Homes has to offer be your tool to getting the results you are looking for.

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